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Delighted by a surprise invitation, Miriam Macy sails off to a luxurious private island off the coast of Mexico, with six strangers--an ex-cop, a chef, a financial advisor, a nurse, a lawyer, a young widow. Surrounded by miles of open water in the gloriously green Sea of Cortez, Miriam is shocked to discover that she and the rest of her companions have been brought to the remote island under false pretenses--and all seven strangers harbor a secret.

The minute murder : thrillers by James Patterson An elite assassin takes a last job before retirement, only to find himself in a cat-and-mouse game opposite the person responsible for his wife's disappearance, a vigilante who would avenge the murder of her son.

little eyes, little ears: how violence against a mother shapes children as they grow

Normal people : a novel by Sally Rooney The unconventional secret childhood bond between a popular boy and a lonely, intensely private girl is tested by character reversals in their first year at a Dublin college that render one introspective and the other social, but self-destructive. Grievous by H. Cross In , St. Stephens Academy is a world unto itself, populated by boys reveling in lifes first big mistakes and men still learning how to live with the consequences of their own. Rise of the mystics by Ted Dekker Rachelle Matthews struggles to escape imprisonment to continue her search for the remaining seals, including one that the mystics believe will cost her everything.

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens Viewed with suspicion in the aftermath of a tragedy, a beautiful hermit who has survived for years in a marsh becomes targeted by unthinkable forces. Naamah by Sarah Blake Imagines the life of Noah's wife, Naamah, a woman torn between faith and fury, lending her strength to her sons and their wives, caring for an unruly menagerie of restless creatures and silently mourning the lover she left behind. Simultaneous eBook. Phantoms : a novel by Christian Kiefer "Torn apart by war and bigotry, two families confront long-buried secrets in this haunting American novel of World War II and Vietnam.

In the panoramic tradition of Charles Frazier's fiction, Phantoms is a fierce saga of American culpability. Afternoon of a faun : a novel by James Lasdun When his expat journalist friend is accused of sexual assault in a former girlfriend's memoir, a man finds himself caught between loyalty and an urgent desire to uncover the truth.

By the author of The Fall Guy. Someone knows by Lisa Scottoline Haunted by her role in a covered-up prank gone wrong decades earlier, Allie returns to her childhood home and resolves to uncover the truth, before making a shattering discovery. By the Edgar Award-winning author of After Anna. The magnetic girl by Jessica Handler A girl in post-Civil War rural Georgia discovers that by harnessing the power of electricity she can control the thoughts and actions of others and sets out on a quest to use this power to heal her disabled baby brother. Lost roses : a novel by Martha Hall Kelly Based on true events, a tale set a generation before Lilac Girls traces the stories of three women, including Caroline Ferriday's mother, a Romanov cousin and a fortune-teller's daughter, against a backdrop of the Russian revolution and World War I.

The book of dreams : a novel by Nina George Rendered comatose after an act of heroism, a man revisits memories of his British youth, while his ex forges an unexpected, profound friendship with the teenage son he has never known. By the author of The Little Paris Bookshop. The Parisian, or, Al-Barisi : a novel by Isabella Hammad Studying medicine and falling in love in France, the son of a wealthy Palestinian textile merchant finds his loyalties tested by conflicts between the British government and the independence-minded nationalists of his community.

Military Academy at West Point, three women—a nationally ranked point guard, the granddaughter of an Army general and a rebellious Homecoming Queen—are brought together, in this powerful story of friendship, heartbreak and resilience. The girl he used to know by Tracey Garvis Graves A tumultuous but tender love affair between a socially awkward chess club member and a courageous, quirky girl is shattered by an unforeseen tragedy that forces them to confront respective anxieties when they reunite a decade later. Stay up with Hugo Best : a novel by Erin Somers A young writers' assistant on a late-night comedy show finds her life and perspectives transformed when she accepts an invitation from the program's enigmatic host to spend a long weekend at his Connecticut mansion.

Miracle at St. Andrews : a novel by James Patterson A latest entry in the series that includes Miracle on the 17th Green finds a former professional golfer seeking personal inspiration during a pilgrimage to the mythical greens at St. The Big Crush by David J. Women talking : a novel by Miriam Toews After learning the men in the community have been drugging and attacking more than a hundred women, eight Mennonite women meet in secret to decide whether they should escape to a place outside the colony or stay in the only world they've ever known.

A wonderful stroke of luck : a novel by Ann Beattie A man who attended a prestigious New England boarding school has his life turned upside down by the reappearance in his life of an enigmatic and brilliant but difficult former teacher that makes him question everything he knows. Crossing by Pajtim Statovci. The Gulf by Belle Boggs. Lost and wanted by Nell Freudenberger Receiving an unsettling phone call from her late college roommate, a rationally minded MIT professor reflects on their once-close friendship, her friend's tragic death and her own rediscovered feelings for a fellow scientist.

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By the award-winning author of The Newlyweds. The Damascus road : a novel of Saint Paul by Jay Parini The best-selling author of The Last Station presents a historical novel inspired by the Apostle Paul, who at the side of gospel writer Luke becomes Christianity's most influential messenger in an ancient world on the brink of epochal change.

Boy swallows universe by Trent Dalton Exiled in a drug-oppressed refugee suburb in s Australia, a year-old boy dreams of a career in journalism while fending off the local criminal element to protect his imprisoned mother. The spectators : a novel by Jennifer DuBois A controversial talk-show host who has made his living by exposing bizarre societal secrets on live television finds his own past brought into question when the young perpetrators of a mass shooting declare themselves his devoted fans. Donaldson, the New York Times bestselling author of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, returns to the world of his Great God's War fantasy epic as two kingdoms-- united by force--prepare to be challenged by a merciless enemy..

There's a word for that by Sloane Tanen A wildly flawed family comes together—in rehab, of all places—even as each member is on the verge of falling apart. Celtic empire by Clive Cussler "Clive Cussler, 'The Grand Master of Adventure,' sends his intrepid heroes Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino on their wildest, boldest mission into the ancient world, unlocking extraordinary secrets and solving hideous crimes. Another fabulous read from the mostbeloved series from the 1 New York Times-bestselling author.

The night visitors : a novel by Carol Goodman A social worker living alone in a run-down house in the woods offers shelter to a young boy and a woman fleeing an abusive relationship before their lives are threatened by dangerous secrets. White elephant : a novel by Julie Langsdorf When the owner of a gaudy monstrosity of a house compromises suburban aesthetics to sell the property, his fed-up neighbors stumble over private challenges to orchestrate an increasingly hostile, laugh-out-loud turf war.

I am watching by Emma Kavanagh Isla Bell is exicted at the prospect of a jailed killer finally agreeing to participate in her research on the motive of the crimes he committed, but things get complicated when bodies starting showing up again. She plays basketball. She hates her roommate.

History is her favorite subject. She has told no one that she's pregnant. Everything, in other words, is under control. Meanwhile, Disney has announced plans to build a new theme park just up the road, a "Technicolor simulacrum of American History" right in the middle of one of the most history-rich regions of the country. Great American desert : stories by Terese Svoboda "A collection of short stories, visualizing the Great American Desert as an imagined world unto itself, traced from prehistoric times to the future. Explores water--its use and abuses--and the consequences of the land's mistreatment over time".

Hope on the inside by Marie Bostwick With both her marriage and savings strained by forced early retirement, Hope Carpenter gets a new lease on life when she begins teaching crafts to inmates at a local women's prison. By a New York Times best-selling author. In a badger way by Shelly Laurenston Bodyguard Shen Li doesn't typically go for tough-as-nails women like Stevie MacKilligan; and when Stevie discovers, to her delight, that Shen is a giant-panda shifter, things get even more complicated.

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On his part, Jim began to think much more seriously before giving reckless rein to his sense of humour. On the whole, his respect for the rights of others was decidedly increased.

His self-esteem shrunk to more normal proportions and if he thought of the incident at all it was to wish very earnestly that some day, somewhere, he might meet the teamster again on more even terms. Unfortunately these salutory results were negatived some six months later by an event that took place in Downey's bar.