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This non-profit organisation is staffed and supported almost entirely by unpaid volunteers and has a permanent premises at Braye Harbour. The station has been on air full time since February following 5 years of broadcasting just for the summer and Christmas holidays. Tune in to Always leave a one pound note in your wallet and you'll have to come back one day soon!

To us, our island is our life

Our quaint cobbled Victoria Street has a traditional high street feel with a wide range of independant shops. By using this website you agree to allow cookies onto your computer. Read our cookie policy. To us, our island is our life We are a small and friendly island community who all love living on this little rock called Alderney.

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Meet the islanders Alderney is full of wonderful characters who each have a story to tell. Find out more. Sustainability As an island we recognise both the importance and fragility of our environment and strive to towards becoming more sustainable.

Two of my most poignant summer food memories are that of cucumber and onion salad and mayo and tomato sandwiches. Always a fan of a good mash-up, I love this salad that combines the two, a creamy cucumber, tomato and onion salad, that has both piquant flavors and creamy subtleties and really makes me FEEL summer. Enjoy this recipe, either eating it straight out of the bowl or as an accompaniment to any good summer meal. In a large bowl, toss tomatoes and cucumber together.

If using Island Life Ranch Dressing: add to vegetables and toss to coat. If making dressing: in a small bowl combine all ingredients thoroughly. Add to vegetables and toss to coat. Serve immediately or store in refrigerator until ready to serve. The Woodshack Located at South 10th Street, The Woodshack is great at smoking meats and producing dishes with a lot of flavor!

Our healthy favorites include the Power Wrap with quinoa, turkey, avocado, arugula and ginger dressing and the Power Blend Salad with quinoa, brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, avocado and your choice of meat plus a hard boiled egg! Ninth Street Deli Now serving at their new spot at S. They have a great selection of classic deli sandwiches and their own specialties that have become classics in their own right.

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Plus, their soups and salads are absolutely delicious! This can be a nice way to choose a healthy soup or salad and pair it along with half of a sandwich for maximum enjoyment and health benefit. Normally we order them without the tortilla and can only finish about half of the burrito since Mission Taco Joint is definitely generous when it comes to burrito portions! All of our menu items are prepared from whole ingredients, using lots of veggies, beans and lean meats and house-made dressings and sauces, so you know anything you order has been carefully crafted by our chef to not only taste good, but be good for you.

These are just some of our favorite healthy and fresh dishes in the neighborhood and we hope you get to try each place. Island Life is so excited to be joining the cadre of delicious food establishments in Soulard. Our take on take-out may be different than others in the neighborhood, but our conviction to provide a great experience and a delicious meal is exactly the same.

So, what does Island Life have that is different from everyone else? Keep on reading to find out! Whether you are a yoga student or just stopping by on your lunch break, you can find a delicious prepared meal made of fresh, whole ingredients that is ready for pick-up. All items are packaged in convenient, microwavable and recyclable containers that can go to work, home or wherever you are headed.

Seasonal Menu At Island Life, we offer a thoughtfully crafted menu, that changes frequently so you can explore a variety of delicious items on a regular basis.

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From small bites that will provide you the energy you need to get through the day, such as protein snack packs, to breakfast and lunch entrees you can rely on to keep you full, including breakfast burritos, power bowls and salads with all the fixings and house-made dressings. So when I think of our menu each week, I want to be sure our meals have health benefits as well as a great taste.

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As a side note, we also offer personalized meal prep as well. We welcome everyone at Island Life and part of our commitment to this ideal involves crafting meals for different dietary needs. Most of our meals are already vegetarian or vegan but we generally have an option to add an animal protein for anyone that wants it!

Final Thoughts Not having time to shop for and cook healthy meals is the most frequent reason people give for not maintaining a healthy diet. It takes time to select ingredients that are good for you and prepare them in a way that is nutritionally beneficial. On average, Americans eat out four to five times a week, and typically these restaurant meals are much higher in calories than a meal you would prepare at home, often half of your recommended calories for an entire day in just one meal!

For healthy meals at an affordable price with quick pick-up, swing by our cafe, order online or check out our menu for this week. While most people would recommend wearing whichever clothes you would normally wear to go to the gym, yoga does have some special movements and atmospheres where the clothes you wear can be a distraction from your practice. In this case, you may want to consider wearing a sports bra or tank top and sometimes men can even forgo a shirt or tank altogether check with your instructor first to see if this is an option!

Layering can also be a good idea when it comes to a great yoga top! This way you can still focus on your poses instead of possibly being concerned with pulling down a t-shirt to cover up. Layering can also work if you tend to get hot and cold during class time.

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Choosing Pants For a great yoga pant, you have a lot of options! Most athletic clothing brands offer pants made specifically for yoga in bootcut, skinny and cropped designs in a variety of colors and patterns. Leggings Sweatpants Just like with a shirt, the most important part of choosing a pair of pants to wear to yoga is making sure you can move around in them. Here are some popular accessories many of my students like to add to their yoga ensembles: Headbands or Hair Ties - Keeping your hair out of your face is critical so you can focus on your stretches and poses.

Yoga Gloves - Yoga gloves can really help if you feel like your hands are always slipping in your yoga positions.