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Prayer Against Stress And Anxiety

How do infants and children keep themselves free from the demons once they are delivered, since they are not competent to protect themselves? It is not the responsibility of the child but of his parents or guardians. I believe you will find in the Scripture that when Jesus ministered to children, one or both of the parents were present. It is the responsibility of parents to be the spiritual guardians of their children.

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Very few parents do their job properly. Some people say that children do not need deliverance. I could not disagree more. Parents have a solemn responsibility to provide protection for their offspring in the matter of spiritual warfare. In addition, our society provides a climate for demon infestation. Once one is alerted to the dangers of passing on weaknesses, infirmities and other unpleasant things to siblings, he should begin breaking curses, destroying legal holds and grounds, and binding any inherited spirits.

This is preparation for casting them out. The occult demons are tremendously powerful and tenacious, often staying in families for centuries. People afflicted with them are highly susceptible to psychic phenomena and influence. We have seen children from babies to teens receive significant deliverance in the church and at home.

Parents are able to minister some of this to younger ones while the child is sleeping. There need be no fear created in the child about deliverance. They will usually be able to handle the idea of casting out evil spirits better than many adults. Adults have to overcome false religious teaching, ignorance of the Bible, and fear of deliverance. When a child is brought to us for prayer, we ask that one or both parents accompany them, preferably the father, since he has the most spiritual authority. Often I will talk briefly with the child, allaying any fears, with love for him.

Usually I ask if he sometimes does or says things he doesn't really want to do, things which get him into trouble. After an affirmative answer, I will mention that often ugly things called spirits get into a boy or girl and cause this sort of thing. I also talk with the child about asking the Lord Jesus to come into his heart Revelation if he has not already done so.

I then ask if he would like for those things to come out of him if they are there. Children seldom want problem-causing things and usually readily consent to prayer. I pray for them, quietly taking authority over the spirits and commanding them to manifest and leave.

If they are stubborn and the father is present, I will have him take authority and guide him in what to pray. In practically every case this combined assault will rout the demons. If parents wait until the child is grown up before attempting deliverance, they will discover the enemy has wasted no time and has burrowed in deeply, often scarring body and mind.

They will work tirelessly to put a child in bondage, drag him out into the world, and enslave him with many sinful habits. An ounce of prevention here is certainly worth the proverbial pound of cure. Get the people to pray out loud one or more Deliverance Prayers selected for the meeting or appropriate for the teaching preceding deliverance. One or all of the above prayers can be used in a mass deliverance meeting.

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Once the prayers have been prayed, call out the demons associated with the lists under each prayer. Call out the list of demons associated with the teaching such as Sexual Sin and Diseases. Relax and cooperate with the deliverance minister and workers. There is nothing to be afraid of. God never gives a spirit of fear; all fear is from Satan. We have not lost a deliveree in about twenty-five years of ministry. Demons are like air.

They are usually expelled by the exhaling of breath. This can be by yawning, coughing, deep breathing or gentle exhaling of breath. Demons can have nests in the body which have substance. They are usually expelled by blowing the nose or coughing up phlegm. Don't feel bad when this happens. For instance, it is beautiful to see a cancer vomited out of a person during deliverance. Paper towels and waste cans may be provided for this reason. Demons can temporarily take over your body and manifest their characteristics.

They can look through your eyes, cause the body to assume grotesque shapes, temporarily paralyze the body, throw the body on the floor and cause it to squirm around, and talk using your voice. Deliverance is the casting out of demons from your body. Prayer is the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Sleep Disorders & the Glory of God

Leave the air passages open so that the spirits can leave. Do not pray, pray in tongues or chant. Chanting is the repetition of a word or phrase such as saying Jesus repeatedly. Decide that you want to get rid of the demons within your body. You no longer agree with them and they no longer will be your pets. Exercise your mind and will to be delivered.

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If the demons do not leave, command them, by name, to go; do this verbally, out loud, for more power. Do not hold back or be embarrassed.

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As they come up and out of your chest, let them go even if you have to spit or whatever. It is all right even if they take over some part of your body.

If you have too much pride to let the demons manifest to get delivered, you give the demons a right to stay. God hates pride; it is an abomination to Him! Deliverance workers should move around quietly. Provide paper towels to those who need them. Lay hands on those who are having trouble, agree with them, and command the demons to come out. Do not start a conversation with the person during mass deliverance. This interrupts the flow of the deliverance and you then have your own private meeting. Deliverance is not prayer. You command the demons to go in The Name of Jesus Christ.

He will not cast the demons out.

He has given us that authority and He expects us to use it. Babies and children generally get delivered easily. Babies can even get delivered in the womb.