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Extensive consultation with the VFX department supervisor, Denis Behnke, was needed to ensure that the physical images matched the digital ones. The first set built was the control gondola of the Hindenburg. The passenger cabins were built there too — a particular challenge with regard to real explosion and fire scenes.

Scenes at the terminal and of passenger boarding at the former World Airport for Airships in Frankfurt were filmed from September 23rd to 30th at the former airport Butzweilerhof in Cologne. In the s and 40s Butzweilerhof was a major air traffic hub in Germany. From October 5th to 9th, , filming continued at the former military airfield Hopsten-Dreierwalde in Hoerstel. The gondola 33 ft. Despite its size, this fin did not match reality, as the real tail fin was three times as long and twice as high.

Only the computer can portray such a large object. The scenes of the crash with the great fire were also filmed in Hopsten. Here, the MMC Art Department supplied the model of the ruined and burned airship , from which the protagonists save themselves. A large segment of the hydrogen chamber was rebuilt at its original size.

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This included the keel walkway, i. At 59 ft. The whole set was fully accessible and was used for multiple action scenes, including explosions and fires. The keel walkway, which was ft.

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The walkway and the rooms were also used for extensive fire effects. This caused several sleepless nights to me, but eventually we managed to master this task, and we are proud of the final product. The whole passenger deck could be tilted as desired up to an incline of 45 degrees, so that the final moments of the Hindenburg could be simulated realistically.

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Among the passenger room sets, the dining room set was the biggest. It was lengthened compared to its original size, to emphasize its elegance, size, and modernity. The cabins of the original Hindenburg were unsuited to the movie. To save space, the dining room and the soiree room were combined. The smoking room, the only room on the airship where smoking was allowed, was located in the lower deck and was accessible through an airtight door. Moreover, many smaller cargo holds were spread over the original airship.

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  7. For the movie, a large cargo hold was invented to replace the many smaller ones. A highlight among the cargo goods is an automobile, one that was actually aboard the Hindenburg at the time of the disaster. The car is not parked in the cargo hold, but is hanging on ropes from the lattice girders. No modern objects can represent even the individual components, much less the very special architecture of the aluminum lattice girders. Eventually, nearly 1 mile of filigree perforated lattice girder had to be reconstructed.

    Here, we were able to actually show what we are capable of. The final product speaks for itself and we are proud to have made our contribution to it.

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    Hindenburg premiered on RTL as a two-part mini-series in February More information: www. Weitere Informationen Akzeptieren. The largest airship ever, the Hindenburg, was designed for helium, but had to use hydrogen instead when the US embargoed helium supplies to Nazi Germany. Its fatal fire at Lakehurst in killed 22 crew and 13 passengers of the 97 people on board, and marked the end of the Zeppelin era. It was a technology that failed to complete with aeroplanes, despite the fact that lighter than air gas-lift did not use fuel to stay aloft.

    Airships have reappeared intermittently. Goodyear announced in that their blimps will be replaced by dirigible Zeppelin airships. And from , a series of Skyship airships were used for advertising and tourist flights over major cities.

    I flew a Fuji one over London in the lates and found it a thrillingly different experience to a plane flight. The day of the Zeppelin may yet return. They are quieter, more fuel efficient, and have less environmental impact. True, they are slower, but the continued presence of the ocean liner indicates that some people are prepared to undertake long-distance travel at a more leisurely pace. Perhaps, like the Orient Express, they will appeal to people wishing to relive the experience if a romantic past.

    One of the great things about free markets is that they allow niche preferences to be provided as an alternative to mainstream services. When the first of the new Zeppelins inaugurates a modern-day transatlantic service, I will be among the first to fly it - packing my dinner jacket, of course.

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